The Residential Wolf Kitchen Range

A Wolf kitchen range is no longer something that is just found in commercial kitchens. The Wolf Company now offers residential ranges that have a strong background of excellence in many commercial establishments. Wolf has produced commercial ranges for many decades and now has expanded to include home models as well. Their residential ranges give the convenience of convection cooking using up-to-date technology and design. custom range hoods

Wolf ranges come with sealed burners that give the best in maintenance-free living. These sealed burners prevent foods and other debris from collecting inside the surfaces. Each burner can be set low for simmering delicate soups and sauces. The range has high-BTU burners as well for instantaneous high heat. These stoves are safe because they have built-in flame re-ignition monitors. The ovens themselves are gigantic so that even Thanksgiving turkeys have room to roast (along with other tasty holiday dishes!) You can find Wolf stoves in many colors with sturdy knobs that can be removed for easy cleaning.

The Wolf 30″ 4 burner residential range is a stove that you should take a look at. It comes equipped with a dual convection system that provides excellent baking performance for anything that you are cooking. You can also use the oven for defrosting and dehydrating foods, much like a microwave oven. It has a huge capacity of 4.8 cubic feet which will handle even your largest cooking pans, sheets and other equipment. Its broiler burner produces 15,500 BTU, giving you excellent temperatures for creating the perfect steak! The outside of this model is stainless steel, with an excellent porcelain oven interior. Best of all, this oven is child-safe with its special burner controls.

No household today should be without a Wolf kitchen stove. This is especially true if you are a serious cook who wants all of your creations to turn out perfect, each and every time. The Wolf Company stands by its products and offers excellent customer service both before and after purchase. Wolf gives you a way to make your kitchen not only functional but beautiful as well.


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