Test Equipment Rental – Counting The Pennies

What is the best way to plan for your test equipment requirements for the future? Well most companies will struggle to clearly see where their business is coming from any further than 12 – 18 months in the future. While planning on equipment needs this far ahead may be possible any further is pure speculation.

Financial commonsense pfe tester Changes in the economic situation, contracts won and technological developments can all leave you with the wrong test equipment at your disposal or inaccurate, out of date machines on your hands. This is where renting or leasing your test equipment gives you a distinct advantage over purchasing machines straight out.

Renting equipment allows you the time and ability to evaluate your needs and to ensure you are prepared to meet any business challenge that presents itself. Companies these days also need to be flexible, chasing new contracts that ordinarily they wouldn’t tender for or diversifying their product range and so leaving themselves less exposed.

Manufacturing diversity
While diversification is good in principal it can be a nightmare for sourcing capital machinery. The last thing a company needs under today’s harsh market place is purchasing unused, or holding onto out of date equipment. Renting, as and when you need a particular piece of testing machinery affords you the benefit of not having equipment that is not being used or tendering for work that you don’t necessarily carry the equipment to carry out.

Renting testing equipment also allows companies to carry out exploratory and development work without the risk of capital outlay. You can acquire the machines you need for the duration of your experiments or benchmarking and then off-hire them as soon as you’re finished. This is equally as true for evaluating equipment before purchasing it. If you often use a particular machine, then hiring other brands or latest models gives you a chance to check out alternative options without a hefty financial outlay.

Test device downtime
Another benefit of rented test equipment is that you do not suffer with unnecessary downtime through broken or damaged machines or lack of use due to quiet periods in the industry. If they are not needed or are in need of a service you can off-hire them or order a replacement while the original is being serviced.

All over renting test equipment is a good way to keep control of your finances and make the most of the budgets you’re allocated each year without the need for spending money on poor quality or little used apparatus.

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