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You probably use metaphors in your daily speech and never even realize it. Think about it; have you ever said to a friend or your spouse, “they worked me to the bone today,” or “I’m dead tired”? These are metaphor examples that we use regularly in conversations. These forms of metaphors are also clichés used in everyday language.

Normally we use metaphors to describe something. We can use a metaphor to tell us how things feel, how we feel or to convey a similarity between two things that couldn’t be more different from each other. For instance, saying that the “rain came down in buckets” is a descriptive way of telling you how the rain fell. It did not fall from the sky in actual buckets but the rain fell in large amounts; presumably enough to fill buckets. agario

For the most, metaphors are simple. We use throw a metaphor into speech and conversation without thinking about it. Examples of metaphors can range from the simple to more complex. The complex metaphors are the ones we tend to read in our favorite books and novels. The writer uses them to pull us in and dig deep into our senses to demonstrate a point or make us feel for the characters.

Some, but not all metaphors contain verbs to show the similarity between the two ideas you are trying to convey. Though the word “fog” is not a verb, when used to describe a person’s state of mind, thinking or thought process, the word takes on a combination of description and action.

In short, a metaphor can show a comparison. It can also imply an idea without directly giving away the main idea or theme of a sentence or paragraph. If you listen to the radio, you sing hundreds of metaphors a day. Some of the most popular uses of metaphors are found in songs. Singers and bands use metaphors in nearly all of their lyrics. Metaphor examples can be found in nearly any song you sing, book, and magazine you read or in your daily conversations. You need only to listen to the words to find them.


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