Simple Homemade Cat Toy Making

For making a cat toy you can let go your imagination and use material you have at home, from simple paper, cardboard, hodgepodge, rags, patches, towels and old socks, to modeling clay, wool, rubber, latex, felt, flannel and plush.

As follows we teach you how to make a 4 inch cat toy pet out of the old socks you have in your chest of drawers:

o 3 socks long socks of small and big size (brown, grey, black, etc.)

o Dunlopillo for the filling

o Wires or cables for the whiskers and tail

o Scissors

o Thread (matching the socks color) and needles.

o Glue or liquid silicone

o Plastic eyes and nose or buttons (black, brown, green, etc.)

o Black or brown cloth rags

o Others: Ribbons, clips, etc.

o Black cardboard

You can find these and other materials at any wholesale or retailer notions store and online of course.

o Head

 Fill the small sock with the dunlopillo giving it a round shape.

 Cut the rest of sock and sew it in the part that is going to be attached to the body.

o Body

Fill two big socks with dunlopillo giving it an oval form, cut the rest and sew it in the part where the tail is going to be attached.

o Tail

 Cut a piece of wire or cable (the size it’s up to you).

 Cut a very thin square of dunlopillo (5 mm tall approx).

 Pour glue or silicone over the wire and wrap the dunlopillo around.

 Once the glue or silicone has dried, wrap a long cloth rag around.

 Cut it and sew it in the part that goes attached to the body. Scratch and Purr

o Face

 Paste the plastic eyes.

 Cut very short pieces of wire of about the same size (3 ½ inches approx.) and insert them on the face, leaving a small space in the middle for the nose.

 Paste the plastic nose in the empty space.

o Ears

 Cut two small triangles of the cardboard

 Paste them on the head’s top with glue or silicone.

You can make really unique cat toys, by making innovating designs (you can make a green cat for instance!). We can give you some hints on this, but at the end the result it’s up to your imagination and preferences.


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