Entrepreneur and Business – Characteristics of a True Entrepreneur

The successful entrepreneur must be:

· determined: This is certainly the most important characteristic when a person starts a new business. The entrepreneur has to know that there will be times, especially in the beginning, that you must work under pressure. They will invest so much of their personal time in this business.

Their lifestyle, quality of life and family life will not be the same as before the business, but he also knows that it will improve as time go by. Steph Korey

· committed: It is a fact that the business owner works very long hours, especially in the early years of the business. Entrepreneurs must be committed to success even if they have set-backs.

· able to tolerate risks and uncertainty: Entrepreneurs know that there will be times in the beginning that they will experience some tension because of the uncertainty of the future of any business. Entrepreneurs will minimize the negative results of tension. They will improve any situations. Also because they are creative and think of solutions for every situation.

· a leader: The entrepreneur must have good leading skills. As an entrepreneur a person must have very good relationships with other people. If their relationship with their employees is good, then the company will have good relationships with the clients. Satisfied client is all that any business need.

· able to see opportunities: Entrepreneurs are very creative people. They are a big source of great ideas. Whenever an entrepreneur has some problems and obstacles, they usually think it through to solve the problems.

· self-confidant. Entrepreneurs are people who know what they can do and what their limits are. They know what to do and when to do it. They are not afraid to fail when doing something. If a project does not have results, they know that implementing something else will do the trick. Entrepreneurs are proud of everything they do.

· adaptable: Adaptability is very important, because any new business must make quick changes to be successful. Changes must be handled very well. Every now and then the systems must change without any problems.

· motivated: It is not always money that motivates the entrepreneur to be successful. Entrepreneurs set some goals and standards for themselves. They want to see that goals are not a problem. Entrepreneurs are people who like any challenge and believe that everything can be done if you set your mind to it.

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