Different Types of Liquid Level Indicators Manufacturing in US

In industrial area where there is a dire need of keeping liquid, slurries, powders, granular and gases in a fixed level, different kinds of liquid sensors and liquid level indicators are used extensively. There is an array of detection methods such as point level detection of liquids, point and continuous level detection of solids, continuous level measurement of liquid and a number of new technology inventions are supplied to industry on a vast level to ensure quality progress and work on all levels. United States is the hub point, where such electronic instruments are supplied and used.

Magnetic Float Sensor

It is used for the point level detection of liquids. It has a permanent magnet attached inside, which rise and fall to tell the measurement of variety of liquids in vast containers and cylinders.

Conductive Sensor level gauge manufacturers

This indicator is considered one of the best methods for measuring the high liquid level of harsh acids such as Nitric acid, caustic soda, ferric chloride and hydrochloric acid. Mostly used for the measurement of wastewater wells and pump controls, conductive liquid level indicators require very low voltage to run and thus prove to be the most economical liquid level indicators on industry level.

Resistive Chain Sensor

These are used for the continuous level measurement detection of liquids. This device has a permanent magnet. It receives signals from voltage or currents proportional to the liquid level, which is being measured. Resistive chain level indicators are being used in chemical processing, marine industry, waste treatment, food processing and pharmaceuticals from ages.

Optical Interface Sensor

It is used for two methods of detection. I.e. Point level detection method and continuous monitoring of solids and liquids, Optical level indicator measure the level of liquids, which have suspended solids. These sensors are used extensively for the measurement of wide variety of corrosive, organic and aqueous liquids in industry.

Capacitance Sensor

These are currently being used in pressure measurement of a number of different solids, organic and aqueous liquids and slurries. However, they may not prove to be the best liquid level detection method in case of tall containers having large amount of solids.

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