Deadbolt Keyless Door Locks Reduce Your Insurance Rates

Deadbolt door locks must be good because they are the types of locks looked for by insurance companies when they assess the security systems of a house for setting homeowners insurance rates.

Keyless Deadbolt Locks

So if you are looking for keyless door locks, choose those that are deadbolt. A deadbolt has a locking mechanism that cannot be moved unless the lock cylinder is rotated. This is in contrast to the spring-bolt mechanism which can be moved with application of force to the bolt. A deadbolt then is more resistant to forced entry. door lock company wholesale door lock lock manufacturing

According to insurers, they prefer a Grade 1 rating for deadbolts, as rated by the American National Standards Institute. Based on a crime survey, most burglars enter through unlocked windows or doors, lock picking and lock bumping and they choose houses that have no deadbolts or secure locking systems.

The deadbolt locking mechanism has been incorporated in keyless door locks, so now there are combination door keyless deadbolts, digital keyless deadbolts, and other types of electronic keyless deadbolts such as those with fingerprint and remote control options.

Here are some types of keyless deadbolt door locks that you can choose from:

Schlage Electronic Pushbutton Deadbolt Keyless Lock

You can store up to 19 four-digit codes with this lock, which you can install on your front doors, patio doors or garage doors. It has a motor drive and its battery lasts up to 3 years. It also features a keyway for emergency key use. You can take a look at this lock at nokey.com.

Lockey 2210 Deadbolt Combination Lock

This lock is operated simply by turning the knob to input your code and can be locked from the inside or outside. It also fits right- and left-hand doors, is weatherproof and can work on any hinged door. You can get more information about this lock and other keyless locks at gokeyless.com.



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