An HVAC Service Can Be a Life-Saver

When some people hear the words HVAC service, they automatically think of the heating and cooling aspects of the system and rightfully so. Both of these aspects are extremely important. Being in the middle of a snow storm in December, without a properly functioning heating unit can be miserable. The same can be said for the warmer months. Without direct access to an air conditioning unit during the hot summer months can be unbearable and even dangerous. Although these are both vital aspects that an HVAC service provides, there is another feature that shouldn’t be overlooked. That is the ventilation feature.

Proper ventilation may not necessarily bring comfort during extremely cold or hot months, but it still plays a vital role in people’s homes; or in any building for that matter. In every home, there are things that emit gases that can be harmful to those inside. For instance, radon gases and carbon monoxide can seep out from under the floorboards. Some of the symptoms of radon gas inhalation are chest pain, wheezing and a bad cough. This gas is even believed to be the number one cause of lung cancer in those that don’t even smoke. So, not only can it cause annoying symptoms, it can even lead to death. Carbon Monoxide is another toxic gas that can cause symptoms such as nausea, dizziness and a bad headache. Most of all, it can lead to death, similar to prolonged exposure to radon gases.

Without the adequate amount of ventilation that an HVAC service professional can provide, homeowners are left to deal with the consequences of these dangerous chemicals. hvac repair paramus nj

Paint is another thing that can cause issues in a home that is not properly ventilated. The dangers aren’t necessarily prevalent after the paint has dried. However, if someone is in the process of painting the walls in their home, proper ventilation is a must. It’s not that the fumes are as dangerous as carbon monoxide and radon gases. However, it can still cause symptoms such as memory loss, dizziness and respiratory irritation.

One of the worse things about fumes and toxic gases is the fact that they tend to be odorless, colorless and invisible. So, homeowners would never know if they are in their homes until it’s too late or they have a professional come out and run tests.

So, an HVAC service does more than just provide heat in the winter and cold air during the summer. However, they provide a form of ventilation that keeps everyone in the home safe from toxic chemicals. Without proper ventilation, a homeowner is putting everyone who lives in their home at risk of respiratory issues and even premature death.



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