A Review of RealmeGT GPS Plus Wireless Clock Phone


RealmeGT is one of the newest members in the Realme family of mobile phones, which is targeted at the high-end market segment. Realme GT is available in the markets in a sleek and stylish body, powered by a powerful dual-core processor featuring Adreno graphics. The latest Realme handset has an extensive variety of features which are targeted at the mobile web community. Some of the most impressive features incorporated into Realme are: realme gt

Connectivity The Realme GPS receiver is an impressive technology integrated into Realme GT. The receiver is able to access maps from the internet along with Google Maps via wireless charging and also has the capacity to stream live content from the internet via the built in Web browser. On the contrary, the Realme Camera is a high resolution camera capable of snapping high-resolution images with clear details. The Realme HTC Explorer lets the user search for nearby restaurants, shows maps on the fly and also features built in support for MMS, allowing the user to send images.

Video The Realme GT comprises a powerful multimedia player, namely the Snapdragon 888 processor. This processor gives the user the capacity of editing and capturing videos. One of the best things about Realme is its video camera which is capable of both indoor and outdoor video capturing. The Realme Phone also features a stunning visual display, namely the AdrenoHTML processor which is capable of running most browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, and Safari. The Realme Phone also features the Realme Gallery, which allows the user to upload their pictures directly to their phone and even share them with friends.

Connectivity A Realme GT comes fitted with the Snapetooth technology allowing it to be used wirelessly. This is ideal for those who want to take the camera with them wherever they go and want to keep their device free and uncluttered. The RealmeGT includes a 1500mah battery which gives it plenty of life for heavy users. The camera also supports MMS, allowing the user to send high definition pictures to their friends in moments.

Battery life There is little you can say about Realme GPS Plus that will be negative, as the battery life is quite long for a cell phone. The only issue is when you’re using it whilst moving at a slow rate, or you have network congestion. The WiMax technology used in the Realme GT enables it to connect to a WISP in your area without the need for a separate wireless charger. You don’t have to worry about getting an extra battery from the Realme itself. The Realme charger included with the product also charges the cell-phone battery whilst in use.

Overall, the Realme GT is a great GPS for hiking enthusiasts as well as people who are looking for an everyday travel gps. The durability of the unit along with the excellent battery life make these factors very important. The snapdragon 888’s larger screen means you get easier handling while navigating your way through the wilderness, and you will certainly come across more wildlife whilst out and about. If you are in the market for a new gps camera, then take a look at the RealmeGT.

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